Our ingredients tell the history of people and their passions; of countrymen working in olive groves, farmers breeding quality livestock, fishermen sailing the high seas, butchers doing justice to the finest cuts of meat.


Only at our restaurants you can experience this amazing story – on a plate.

RC Group was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Roberto Costa and Mariella Radici.


Roberto Costa still likes to call himself a waiter. As a Genoese with great passion and a visionary spirit, he conquered the Londoners with his first winning format, Macellaio RC, whose constant distinctive note is the choice of high quality products, lightly transformed, and the aesthetic search for a great experience in the restaurants of the group.


Mariella Radici, an international entrepreneur from Bergamo, thanks to her decades of M&A competence, is the partner at the helm of the expansion and growth of RC Group to create winning formats in which the quality of the local food and wine offer turns into experiences to be shared in Italy and the world.



Our goal is to build a network of restaurants, delivery and online shops focused on seeking the highest quality of the raw materials, without sacrificing the internationalization of the different formats.


We like to call ourselves “ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world”.




Our strength is the constant search for new technologies that help us characterize our menus and make them unique, even though the cooking is very simple and ancestral.


We are able to offer accessible high quality food to all thanks to our continuous attention to organization, management systems and business transparency.

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